Taste Tech to inspire your customers

Let minds spin around new oppourtunities of tech trends

Virtual Reality, Drones, Internet of Things – When we immerse ourselves into fascinating technology, we start to see new ways to tackle our customer's problems and to meet their needs. With Taste Tech we combine a push for new technologies and human-centered design in an inspiring event. 

How it works

You can't send 200 employees to a tech conference but you can bring 3 technology trends to your company and inspire 200 people to create ideas around them.

At a Taste Tech event participants experiment with new technologies, testing them in small sessions or games. With those new impressions in mind, they move on into Design Thinking sessions where they come up with solutions to their own challenges.

Alexander Richter
Head of Prototyping
Innovation Radicals

"New technologies offer great potentials for out of the box solutions. Potential that often stay untapped as our daily routines don't allow room to experience them."

With a 1-2 day

Inspire 200 people
or 100
or 500

Find the sweet spot
between technology
and customer needs

15 prototypes

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