Design Thinking Daily

Where changemaking becomes a daily habit

People can only shape a positive innovation culture in their organisations when they have the right tools at hand to do so and get a chance to train their own mindsets step by step.

With Design Thinking Daily we break the full scale process of Design Thinking into bits and pieces that can be applied in ongoing processes, enrich regular meetings, and solve daily problems. Putting all pieces together however, Design Thinking Daily also offers you a toolkit to design a full day workshop, working on a concrete problem or training your colleagues.

How it works

In a 2-day training we provide the concept, tools and experiences to allow a group of people in your organisation to step up as innovation drivers. Design Thinking Daily attendees become part of an IR community were we exchange experiences and best practices from adopting the Design Thinking methods in real-work situations.

Gordon Thieme
Innovation Driver at
Procter & Gamble

"We started a movement at our company. More and more people are able to actually use Design Thinking methods and principles."

Two day training
Long term learning

Get access to
our growing method base

Build a community
of innovation practioners

Create solutions
to wicked problems
every day

We'd love to tell you more about how to make Design Thinking a daily exercise in your company. 

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