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The long journey to mount innovation starts in the valley. We prepare our tools and get our minds ready for the transforming journey ahead of us. We take first small moves out of our comfort zones and embrace the idea that everyone is creative.

That's what happens in our trainings and events. You get to know tools and methods to build up new skills, but more importantly, you will challenge and surprise yourself with what you are capable of.

There is nothing we love more than seeing people change their view on innovation, becoming routined in using the methods, and steppping forward to become drivers for new ideas in their organizations. 

Our trainings include Design Thinking, lean startup, storytelling, visual thinking, creativity methods and more.

They can be short 2-hour after work Inspirations, one day events, two-day workshops or a series of trainings. 

Please get in touch and we can chat you through different options. 

Highlights from our trainings & events

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