Service Design Projects

But what do your customers really want? 

Service Design aims to create the best possible service experience for people who engage with you. When done right, this requires a holistic view of all the relevant actors, their interactions, supporting materials and infrastructures.

Understanding all these elements allows you to design a holistic service system, taking all user touchpoints (digital and physical) into account and considering all important perspectives within the system.

How it works

A service design project runs over several weeks. We partner with a team at your organziation to find new opportunities for products and services.

First, the team will learn all about the service design process and we will build up an innovation mind- and skillset together to ensure the sustainability of the project.

We then enter a reasearch phase, using tools, such as journey maps and service blueprints, that help us to uncover the interactions with your customers at different touchpoints and find opportunities for improvement and innovation.

We then develop and test ideas and support your team in implementing new processes and products. 


Katharina Leistenschneider
Service Designer
Innovation Radicals

"I believe in deeply understanding the needs of a certain user. I want to create an outstanding user experience."

run a long term

take a holistic
sustainable approach

deeply understand
customer needs

stand out with
better services