Innovation on Wheels

Connecting people, ideas and places with a mobile office

Innovation needs new perspectives, diverse views and deep learning. That's why it's always a good idea to get away from our usual work spaces, meet different people and make room for new ideas. 

How it works

Innovation On Wheels is a Design Sprint done during an intensive 5-day trip that takes up to 24 people to different locations of a company while developing new solutions to a number of set challenges. 

Attendees will get to know different methodologies along the way and can put them into practice right away. A trip usually ends with a presentation of prototypes to a wider audience in the organisation. 

Dr Tom Maes
Innovation Manager

"These solutions would never have been found in a normal office."

Prototype solutions
to real problems
in one week

Design Thinking
Design Sprint

Bring 25 people
on a life changing journey

Create excitement
for innovation
across several locations

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