Digital Shockwaves

Experiencing digital trends

No doubt – our world is getting more digital every day. But what does that mean? How does it feel? Many people are overwhelmed or can't keep the pace to understand the digital world.

That's why we created "Digital Shockwaves" – a series of workshops to learn about tech mega trends like Internet of Things, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

Our goal is to take away fears and concerns about technology. Furthermore, we want to excite people about the new possibilities of a digital world.

How it works

We host a workshop for up to 12 participants. One technical expert and one innovation coach will guide through the day. 

In the morning it's all about technology. The participants get an impuls from an expert about the main aspects of the chosen technology, e.g. Internet of Things. After that we build stuff! Hands-on the participants experience an interactive session, in which they build prototypes. No worries, no technical experience needed.

In the afternoon we are facilitating a small Design Thinking process. We are answering the question: How could we use the new technology in our organisation? 



Alexander Richter
Head of Prototyping
Innovation Radicals

"New technologies offer great potential for out of the box solutions. Potential that often stay untapped as our daily routines don't allow room to experience them."

1 day workshop

6-12 people

Exploring new technologies

See potential for own organisation