Let's explore!

Building up
a community
of innovators
is key

Innovation doesn’t happen in a day. It doesn’t happen in silos. And it doesn’t stick if it’s not purpose-driven.

This is why we love to go on innovation journeys with our clients. Together we set ambitious goals and map out a path that takes you there. On the way, you will develop people in your organization, bring ideas to life in innovation projects, uncover new opportunities and, step-by-step build a vibrant innovation culture in your organization.

At IR, we are on our own innovation journey every day – reinventing ourselves, coming up with new innovation services and formats, to be a better partner for you. In our Protolab in Berlin, we bring ideas to life. We love this journey, despite it being challenging and the fact that we somtimes fail. As long as we learn from it, it's worth it.

If your purpose matches our purpose, we'd love to go on a long and intensive journey with you.

Some of our innovation journeys


We develop people

In our training formats you get to know tools and methods to build up new skills. 


We bring ideas to life
We facilitate Design Sprints to co-create and implement solutions to problems with your team.


We develop strategies to make innovation stick

We map out a series of trainings and projects to bring your employees on a unique journey to reach your goals.