Provinzial Nordwest Innovation Journey

Building a vibrant innovation ecosystem

Our innovation journey with the Provinzial Nordwest started in 2016.  

Step 1 - Training mindsets 

We began with three training sessions in Design Thinking, Storytelling and Visual Thinking to get the people on board who can bring their experience and ideas to the whiteboards. 

Step 2 - Identifying innovation opportunities

We looked for future trends in the insurance sector, but also in more unusual places to identify interesting fields for our search for innovation.

Step 3 - Developing solutions

We identified three topics that got us excited and ran separate Design Sprints to come up with new ideas. Each sprint produced one prototype for new services and business models that we tested with customers. The board of management signed off on all three solutions that are now in further development.

Parallel to these Design Sprints, we ran a Service Design project to transfer more knowledge to the staff working at Provinzial Nordwest. 

Dietmar Nummert
Innovation Manager
Provinzial Nordwest

"Together we found the right innovation approach to fit our culture."

6 months

Design Thinking
Design Sprints
Service Design

40 people

3 solutions
in development