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Thriving together, bringing ideas to life!

Started in 2015, we are worked with more than 30 major companies and innovation leaders around the world. We ran more than 250 innovation projects, trainings and events that reached more than 10.000 people. 

All this is possible with an interdisciplinary team of people who put their hearts and souls into everything we do. We got excellent trainers & coaches, truly commited service designers and visionary thinkers.

The best compliments we got on our work were: 

„Spending time with the INNOVATION RADICALS is well spent lifetime.“ 
„Participating in your workshop changed my life.“
„It‘s not only fun to work with you, but game changing.“

Founded in


> 10.000
people reached

> 250
innovation projects

Insights into the work with our clients

Organisations that worked with us

"These solutions would have never been found in a normal office.'"

Dr Tom Maes | Bayer

"Together we found the right innovation approach to fit our culture."

Dietmar Nummert | Provinzial Nordwest

"We started a new movement in our company."

Gordon Thieme | Procter & Gamble