Eberhard Schächterle

#Coach #LeanStartuper #Dancer

Eberhard loves to dig deep into various fields and disciplines. After studying industrial engineering and management and being a local committee leader and facilitator at a global student organization, he worked for eight years at a leading global automotive supplier. He started as a management trainee, where he implementing lean manufacturing systems at different sites worldwide. After that, he consulted, implemented and managed business and customer service processes. Additionally, he developed and validated disruptive business models, using design thinking and lean startup approach. For the last two years, he has led a team of key account managers. In his free time, he is the co-organizer and host of the self-development conference IMAGINE. Eberhard has now joined INNOVATION RADICALS to empower innovators and to awake their inner innovation dragon. He is a passionate innovation driver and empathetic trainer.


Innovation Strategist

"There is only one thing that is more expensive than innovation in the long run: no innovation."